Furniture maintenance

14 great tips on furniture maintenance!

  1. Always follow the included furniture directions.
  2. Always start out with the mildest cleanser, that is demineralised water or cold, boiled, water.
  3. Stearin and chewing gum are most conveniently removed after a careful freeze with a cooling spray (can be bought in electronic stores, amongst others).
  4. Never use abrasive cleansers such as scouring powder and metal polish cleaner or cleansers with ammonium chloride.
  5. Remember to retighten assembly screws if the joints are becoming loose.
  6. If washing directions are not included, the upholstery fabrics can’t be washed. The cleansing of upholstery fabrics may only be made according to the manufacturer’s instructions. N.B! In order to ease assembly the upholstery is often provided with zippers, but that doesn’t mean the upholstery is washable.
  7. Pillows with loose stuffing, such as down and feather, need to be beaten regularly.
  8. Always protect table tops with dish mats against hot, moist or coloured objects (such as pans, vases, lights and flowerpots). Always use cut resistant pads when using sharp tools.
  9. Direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible in order to better maintain the material’s colours. It is recommended that furniture surfaces are not partially covered, for example by table cloths etc.
  10. Be aware that especially chair legs and table legs can give off colour (in particular when washing the floor and cleaning the carpets).
  11. Never place furniture right next to radiators or heaters.
  12. Indoor furniture should never be used outside.
  13. Sweat can affect surfaces on materials such as wood and leather. Some types of medicin might change the sweat’s composition which can further enhance the effect.
  14. If you’ve been so unfortunate to experience a damage, then seek guidance at the furniture dealer that sold you the piece.
Download the maintenance folder – click here
Download the guide about furniture fabrics – click here