Furn-tech is a service organisation for the furniture industry and it has its roots in “Dansk Møbelkontrol” (Danish Furniture Makers Quality Control) – the world’s oldest voluntary control regime for furniture.

Furn-tech is constantly progressing and will assist its members within a number of areas; primarily within production technology, standards within furniture, requirements for furniture and documentation, and also general knowledge about furniture.

Members of Furn-tech:

  • are linked to the association’s collective business and product responsibility insurance (applicable for all members accepted after August 1st 2013 and multiple members accepted before this date)
  • will receive newsletters with relevant topics
  • has access to the association’s service network for members

Members of Furn-tech have the option to:

  • join one or more of Furn-tech’s optional offers, “Danish Furniture Makers Quality Control”, “Standardization” or “Furniture and Environment”
  • get technical counselling at a fair price (for subjects such as wood, metal, plastic, furniture, legislation in Denmark and in export markets)
  • get aid from consultants when establishing environmental management systems
  • benefit from the association’s discount deals

Members of Furn-tech that have opted-in for “Danish Furniture Makers Quality Control”:

  • get discounted tests executed by Teknologisk Institut (DK) and CATAS (IT)
  • get 2 annual factory visits with a review of their production and products
  • can use Danish Furniture Control’s trademark on products, documents, packaging etc.
  • has access to the association’s service network – special area with all the relevant documents for “Danish Furniture Makers Quality Control”